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USCOTS begins today!

The U.S. Conference on Teaching Statistics (USCOTS) begins today! Please join us to consider the conference theme of “Expanding Opportunities” by following links from the conference program website here.

One week until USCOTS

I interrupt my break from blogging to remind you that the 2021 U.S. Conference on Teaching Statistics (USCOTS) begins in just one week! I am eagerly looking forward to this virtual conference, which will feature many session on the theme of “Expanding Opportunities.” I hope that you’ll join me, my co-program chair Kelly McConville, and hundreds of other teachers of statistics at USCOTS from Mon June 28 – Thur July 1.

You can follow these links to learn more:

  • main USCOTS page (here)
  • conference program (here)
  • welcome video from Kelly and me* (here)
  • video introduction to Gather, one of the conference platforms, in addition to Zoom (here)
  • musical invitation to participate in USCOTS (here)
  • Post #76, titled Strolling into serendipity (here)
  • Post #93, titled Twenty-one questions about USCOTS 2021 (here)

* This one was not nearly as traumatic to produce as my very first video, which I wrote about in post #63 (here).

Taking a break

As I mentioned at the end of last week’s post (here), I am taking a break for a month or two. If you have missed any of the first 100 posts in the Ask Good Questions blog, please check them out over the summer.

Thanks very much for reading! Please check back in August. And please consider attending USCOTS (here) at the end of June.